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Kind Words from Customers:

Hummingbird I ran some various graphs, going back to beginning of time.
It’s amazing how MPG can keep 12 years of performance data in such small amount of space.

After learning Performance Navigator's Library Disk Analysis, we now realize we can save $500,000 dollars as we don't need to invest in another disk management product.

How Performance Navigator saved the day for IBM and for Bunzl:
...after the company outgrew its IBM System i servers, it decided to move to two new IBM Power Systems 570s and an IBM storage-area network (SAN) solution. "We were struggling," Baur says, "because we were having to move processors around depending on workloads. We were robbing Peter to pay Paul." Fortunately, Baur was well aware of the situation, thanks to her use of the MPG Performance Navigator. In fact, she uses the product daily to proactively monitor system performance. That's how she knew "many, many months ahead of time," as she puts it, that things were beginning to spiral out of control.

"Without a performance-monitoring tool such as Performance Navigator, I might not have known what the root causes were. Now, we have more than enough performance to accommodate both current and future growth."

Read the whole article from the IBM Systems magazine, February 2010 issue

As you know, we have utilized the Performance Navigator tool for many years, and even though making sales has gotten tougher this year, MPG has allowed us to prove the benefits of new and larger systems in a vast majority of our IBM iSeries proposals. The primary reason we use the MPG service so extensively is because it helps us shorten our sell cycle. For example, the output graphs are easy for IT to take forward to financial management to get their final blessing sooner. I believe that the MPG analysis also significantly improves our professionalism with the customer, allowing us to propose an optimal solution that is properly sized. Clearly this has resulted in consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.
      J.L., Kansas

By the way, your product makes me look smart on a daily basis!  The mainframe guy sitting near me is especially jealous...he’s been working for two weeks on gathering info I can do in a matter of seconds with PerfNav!
      D.B., West Des Moines, IA

Pink Flower Thanks for the webinar...I've loved your product from day 1. I used it with my team when I worked at my previous company and will continue to recommend it anywhere I work in the future. I consider it to be a staple in any IBMi environment. Great, great, great product.
      T.T., Sacramento, CA

After using the PerfNav tool for a few months, I cannot imagine life without it. Kind of like after I was fitted for irons... I cannot imagine ever buying a (cast) club that has not been fitted for me. Or when I was a sound engineer (that was a few lifetimes ago) and first used a compressor/limiter... I never ran sound again without one.
      C.W., San Antonio, TX

I really like the new look of your website and especially Doug's Demo... very good and informative.
      S.B., Charlotte, NC

Duck How much time we would save by replacing our current monthly reporting process with your graphic reports? The answer is close to 40 hours per month. The time we save will allow us to produce a much better Capacity Planning document because we will have the time to spend on analysis instead of data gathering/presenting. It will also allow us to be very timely without the need to burn the midnight oil due to unplanned activities that would otherwise take precedence over the monthly reporting.
      J.S., Kansas City, MO

I wanted to pass along how much I appreciated the webinar you presented yesterday. The content was perfectly geared towards the experienced PerfNav user - and demonstrated the new enhancements in a very practical light. We are getting immediate benefit of the "Before and After" enhancement comparing performance data before and after our new application development/deployment efforts.

I also want you to know that it was so nice to attend a webinar from a vendor that was focused on improving our use of the product we purchase, rather than showing what we can't do with it unless we pay them more money to buy a "complimentary" (not free) product... I look forward to your next session(s). Great work!
      P.V., Lake Mary, FL

Baby Geese Thanks for taking the time to give your very detailed explanation. We are very impressed with your excellent product and excellent support!!
      J.B., Rancho Cordova, CA

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how unbelievably impressed I was with both your product and your instructor, Doug Mewmaw. I am so excited about the product, Especially with budget season this month. I will actually have supporting GRAPHS this time!! Also, the troubleshooting and reporting capabilities are just amazing. The instructor, Doug, was superb. He has to be one of the most dynamic, knowledgable and PATIENT instructors I've ever had. We were a tough crowd - tons of questions, intermittently having to leave for crises, all the things that challenge an instructor. He handled it all like a champ. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for the product are unparalleled.
      P.W., Austin, TX

I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did instructing us last week. We agree that we learned more in those 2 1/2 days than several 1 week IBM classes. You not only showed us how to use the Navigator Product, but helped us understand performance tuning concepts and helped us understand our own environment better. With some of us being in this environment over 20 years, that says a lot.
      A.M., Philadelphia, PA

Tulips I want to thank you for the support MPG offers. It is outstanding. I have said it before and will say it again. Thanks, I am impressed.
      E.R., Lyngby, Denmark

We continue to feel that this is a great product and use it daily.
      B.H., Edmeston, NY

Thanks so much for the help! I have worked with you guys off and on over the last nine years and you have always provided awesome support!!
      IBM Global Business Services

We really love Performance Navigator. A great product for a fair price, and really friendly people to deal with. And believe me, I don't talk that way about very many of my vendors.
      D.G., Appleton, WI

Just wanted to let you know I really like the disk changes you have made to the "What-If". Keep up the good work!
      J.W., Houston, TX

We are ready to place an order for a new system. Could not have done it without Rick Castañeda's help...Rick is the man!
Thank you for making such a kick-A product!
      R.R., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the training class. Speaking for my team here, we have learned a lot from you this week. It is nice to have a class taught by an instructor who brings real-world knowledge to share.
      B.S., Eagan, MN

Squirrel Eating a Peanut As I've mentioned to you before, thank you for a great product at a reasonable price. We've been running PerfNav for quite a while now on our Model 830 and 840 LPARs, and quite frankly your product is too cheap. *grin* Thank you for your help, and as I said - a great product.
      J.M., Boise, ID

Your product, service and support have been outstanding!
      R.B., Kansas City, MO

A thousand thank you's for your assistance. My manager was very pleased with the work you and I did together. He walked out of the meeting and said "Not even Satan would buy from someone else right now." I think that says it all.
      PW., Minneapolis, MN

Balancing Rocks I don't have or need 5722PT1 because I have Performance Navigator.
      P.F., Springfield, MO

Can I just say that I teared up when I saw version 7. I'm using the what IF functionality, and the improvements are marvelous. That sub title (yes i know I begged for it), is truly wonderful and really makes the reports so much more user friendly.
In a world where people tend to be negative, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks, and great job. The best move I ever made in my Systems programming career, was switching to your product.
      D.M., Chicago, IL

Fantastic webinar, nice tool, and excellent presentation.
      B.E., Boise, ID

Western Tanager Performance Navigator is a wonderful product. We used the problem determination features to find out why our CPU utilization jumped 20% in just 5 weeks. With the CPU Utilization by Job report, we were able to drill down through the data and actually found a single batch job that was using 10 times the normal CPU cycles. Since we had years worth of history data, we were able to pinpoint with Performance Navigator when the problem started. Using this tool, we determined that there was a program fault, and were able to prove to our software vendor the job that was causing the problem.
      D.B., Wilmington, NC

It was one of the best training webinars I've participated in.
      J.K., Maryville, TN

Thanks very much for the new Library/Disk Analysis report. The script helped us out a lot. That report has extremely valuable information, and I have decided to run those reports off as a bonus every month end, covering the month's growth on libraries! Thank you again for excellent development!
      H.L., Ontario, Canada

Lilacs I attended the Performance Navigator class in Ft. Lauderdale on October 6th. This was an awesome class. The instructor was passionate about the Performance Navigator product as he wanted the user to be able to take home valuable information about the product. There are features within the product that will make my job more fun especially the day/time compare reports that I will use for performance/stress testing. There are so many features within the product that without the class I would have overlooked important performance tuning graphs/reports.
      T.N., Miami, FL

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