Performance Navigator

Performance Navigator® (PerfNav) is a graphical PC tool for all IBM i Power Systems. PerfNav supports end-users with performance analysis, performance management, capacity planning, and performance problem determination in over 1,000 data centers worldwide. MPG's unique What-If® functions support Capacity Planning for end-users and IBM® Business Partners globally. Over 14,000 companies have downloaded PerfNav.

PerfNav allows all IBM i users instant access to days, months, or years worth of performance and capacity data stored on their system. Users have access to the FREE IBM i Component and a FREE subset of graphs. A free license for the system data collection, CPU Utilization (by priority) and Disk Space Utilization graphs are included in the product.

The free subset of graphs can be viewed once the ODBC connection to your IBM i has been established. Under "Help > Tour", you will be walked through the navigation of the graphs and reports. To get more of a feel for the product, go to "Help > YouTube Demos".

A Software Keycode ordered via "Edit > Registration" will turn your free version into a full functioned version.






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