Power Navigator

Two Components:

FREE NMON Collection Manager:

MPG’s Power Navigator includes a free NMON Collection Manager (NCM). This free host component can be downloaded from MPG’s FTP site. The benefits of NCM are:

  1. Ensures NMON is running 24x7.
  2. Supports 60+ versions of AIX/Linux on all platforms.
  3. Runs NMON with 5 minute intervals and cycles at midnight (no matter when started).
  4. Merges yesterday’s NMON file into one file. By default this file will contain year of NMON with the older data being archived and GZed.
  5. GZs the daily NMON files and deletes them after 7 days.
  6. Updates a hardware configuration file daily.
  7. Contains transfer scripts to consolidate multiple systems into one directory.
  8. Creates a PNINFO GZ file which can be sent to IBM, a Business Partner or other vendor for performance analysis or capacity planning.

Installation Instructions:

Installation takes less than a minute (per system). Just follow the two steps below after you have downloaded powernav.tar.gz from our FTP site.

  1. FTP powernav.tar.gz to /tmp
  2. cd /tmp;gunzip -f powernav.tar.gz;tar -xvf powernav.tar;.install.sh

Windows Component (Licensed):

MPG’s Windows component can also be downloaded from MPG. This provides a single interface to all your systems of Power Navigator’s historical data. This client is a robust graphic engine with built-in trending analysis. Everyone gets two free graphs (CPU by Priority and Disk Space Utilization), but unlocking the full power of the client requires a key code. To request a temporary key code, just email support.mpginc@helpsystems.com with your serial number. We can also schedule a web meeting for a short walk-through of the product.